A Metal RoofThe roof is the single largest immovable component of any home’s structure. And while it plays so many roles in keeping a house safe, secure, comfortable, and livable, many homeowners still tend to forget about their maintenance and care.

No matter how small you think the roof issue is, you should never overlook it and postpone addressing it. These seemingly small concerns already signify the start of much bigger roofing problems, and in many cases, lead to indoor flooding. So as soon as you notice any of the following, have them fixed right away.

Overflows or gushing water

Faults in the gutter system often result in the water pooling and cascading down the sides of the roof. When you have problems with this component of your roofing system, you’ll typically notice that water overflows or gushes down in streams during and after rain. In some cases, these only need the care and attention of a professional MD gutter cleaning company such as Uncle Skeeter's Roofing, Siding & Gutters, as it’s possible that dirt and debris have already accumulated and caused a blockage in the drainages.

Ensuring that your gutters remain clog-free is vital, as this prevents not just potential damage due to the excess weight, but also flooding that can enter your home.

Missing or damaged shingles

Many homes in Maryland have shingled roofs, and it’s likely yours is one of them. While the entire system is durable and long-lasting, outdoor elements combined with lack of care and maintenance can result in the shingles detaching, flying off, or sustaining damages such as curling or blistering.

Even when you only see a few missing shingles or a few pieces with damages, you should have them replaced or fixed right away. The longer you postpone, the greater the possibility of water seepage into your roof and down to your ceiling. Worst case scenario? Water dripping or even running down from the ceiling.

Your roof literally and figuratively shelters you, so give it the care and attention it deserves.