little bird eating at a birdhouseAlmost all birds build their lovely nests either in a shrub or a tree. However, there are still more than a dozen bird species who prefer building a nest in a hole of a dead tree. These natural cavity-besting birds often prefer to make their nest in outdoor birdhouses. These nesting boxes are often for sale in almost every hardware stores across the country.

However, there are still several factors that you may consider when setting up a birdhouse. To help you with the process, we’ve summed up all things that you need to think about when adding an outdoor birdhouse to your home.

1. Find the right spot

The location of the birdhouse depends on the bird species in your area. Some bird species prefer their nests right at the tree trunk, while others should be mounted on a post to discourage predators from attacking the nest. Also, the entrance of the nesting boxes should face the north or east to keep the interior’s temperature a bit cooler than the outside.

2. Choose the right material

Most birds prefer natural wood since both plastics and metals tend to build up excess heat. However, you should avoid any stained or chemically preserved wood. You should also check if there are any drainage holes at the bottom of the box and even ventilation holes to ensure that there’s natural air circulation inside.

3. Pick the right box size

There are specific bird species that prefer a more compact house. However, choosing only one box size will limit the species of birds who’ll be able to use it. So, it’s always best to select at least two box sizes to ensure that more birds species can use the birdhouses.

These are just a few tips that you may want to consider when choosing the right kind of birdhouses for your yard. You may always try to check the internet, read books, or even ask some bird experts to know which one will be best for the birds.