Home With For Sale SignAlthough Victoria is the second-most populous state in Australia, many of its areas and regions remain sparsely-populated. This only makes sense, seeing that the state encompasses 237,629 square kilometres of land area.

As Victoria continues to evolve and progress, many of its rural areas have sparked the interest of property development companies and investors. One example is Donnybrook, where schools, entertainment and technology hubs, as well as shopping districts, will soon rise. So as a property buyer, this means that Donnybrook real estate like the Donnybrae project may just provide you with a great investment asset.

Diverse Neighbourhood

Donnybrook takes pride in its residents; here, you’ll find a mixture of older couples and families, growing families, as well as independent youths. The fact that it’s one of the rural localities of the City of Whittlesea, which sits just around 20 kilometres from the Central Business District, makes the surrounding neighbourhoods even more diverse.

Top-notch Educational Facilities

Living in Donnybrook provides easy access to some highly-rated educational institutions including high schools and colleges. The Collingwood College, Hazel Glen College, Parade College, and Mount Alexander College are just to name a few. Being situated near these schools make this suburb’s locality a good option for raising a family.

Easy and unlimited access to Victoria’s great outdoors

With Victoria, Australia boasting of magnificent outdoors, living in Donnybrook gives you and your loved ones an all-you-can free pass to enjoy an abundance of outdoor activities. From revelling at breathtaking sceneries to hiking, trailing, camping, fishing, skiing, and swimming, you can rest assured that your entire family will have unlimited fun and enjoyment.

As you can see, Donnybrook is your gateway to Victoria’s many different and diverse playgrounds. And best of all, seeing as it isn’t densely-populated, you can enjoy privacy, peace, and quiet in your new home.