Woman eating on work deskOne of the first things clients notice when they walk into an office is if there is a funny smell in the space. How your space smells can have a significant effect on the emotional state of people in it.

When a client smells something bad, their instinct is to walk out quickly. On the other hand, a clean, fresh aroma puts them at ease. If you are looking to prevent an odour problem in your company, here are four tips to go about it.

Keep your office spotless

A clean workspace will seldom have any odours, least of all pungent ones. It is why you need to have a team dedicated to cleaning and dusting surfaces regularly.

Even better, hire a Strata cleaning and maintenance company in Sydney to do the job for you. Either way, you will need to set aside some time and money to have your office regularly tidied up.

Take rubbish out

It is not enough that you have bins that have covers in your office. Forgetting to clean them appropriately can result in a bad smell during the day. To prevent the lingering of a bad smells in your office, clear any old food and rubbish as often as possible.

Keep an air freshener handy

Admittedly, you and your team are very busy engrossed in important issues throughout the day. You cannot afford to make small emergencies, such as coffee spills on the carpet, your top priority.

Investing in a high-quality air freshener can help you deal with such little problems quickly and effectively, so you focus on what is important.

You do not want clients to remember your company because of the bad smell they had to endure in your office. Do your best to keep them at ease so they can concentrate on your lovely facility and excellent customer service.