More Income for Gym OwnersBecause of the rise of sedentary jobs, the gym business has been booming in the last decade. Relying on membership fees to keep a gym going is good, but as a business owner, you always want to grow your operations. An excellent way to do this is by adding an income stream. If you’re interested, here are some suggestions:

Sell Food

One of the simplest and best ways to increase revenue in your gym is by adding a food stall or a small restaurant area. Gyms these days are no longer sweaty pumping rooms. Putting up a healthy food franchise like Chop Stop inside the gym is not a wild idea, and it’s probably going to be patronized by your current customers. People are becoming busier, with folks going to the gym before the sun is up. Why not help them skip a step by offering breakfast at the gym? It can only be good!

Run Boot Camps

A proven way to add money to your register each month is to tickle your membership’s competitive bones. Run boot camps that both members and non-members can join. Sweeten the deal by adding prizes for the best finishers. Use unique themes to keep things interesting. Be creative! Charge a small fee for people to join and schedule weekly group workouts to monitor everybody’s progress.

Offer Massages

Do you want to earn more money? Offer massages in your gym. Sometimes, foam rollers aren’t enough. Members will be interested in getting the services of a licensed massage therapist. Tie up with a local professional therapist and design a profit-sharing split that both parties are happy with. You can handle the schedule and space, and the therapist can take care of the rest.

These are just three things that you can do to increase the earnings of your gym. Are you excited to try them? Good luck!