young girl's birthday party with family and friendsYour child’s birthday is a special time in their lives that is celebrated with fun, family, and cake. Birthday parties are where special memories are created—memories that can last a lifetime. Who doesn’t remember the first time they saw a clown or played some party games? Or the first time they had a cake for their birthday? But creating these memories can be a challenge, especially for the uninitiated.

Considering all the time, money, and planning that goes into a party can be stressful. Fortunately, in Dubai, catering companies can help ease the burden of party planning with delicious and healthy options your and your child’s guests can enjoy. Food, however, is only one aspect of a party.

If you’re planning to throw a one-of-a-kind celebration for your precious one, Blast Catering has a few easy ideas to help you succeed without going over budget.

Outdoor Extravaganza

Throwing a children’s party means having plenty of hyperactive children around—especially when a cake is involved. This makes the outdoors a perfect setting for all the pent-up energy. Glamping is the perfect combination of glamour and camping. Set up makeshift tents and forts outside using blankets and have the children decorate their tents with art supplies and stickers.

Another great idea is having your own color run. Have the kids paint the town (or your backyard) red with DIY colored powder. If a messy backyard isn’t your thing, put up your own drive-in theater with some makeshift cars made from cardboard boxes. The theme options are only limited by your imagination.

Think Outside the Box

A children’s party is never complete without some giveaways. But why hand out boring old plastic bags if you can use little ceramic pots personalized to your party’s theme. For sports-themed affairs, try using personalized water bottles filled with birthday treats. You can even leave the bag out and staple candies together for a posh candy necklace.

Remember that the goal of any party is to let the guests have fun—it’s a celebration after all. Just because you pinch a penny here and there doesn’t mean you can’t make your child and your guests happy.