beautiful wedding reception venueThe venue you choose can make or break your event. In fact, the venue plays a central role in the rest of your planning. Get the right event space in Manhattan, NY, and you’re almost guaranteed of an outstanding bash. On the other hand, choosing the wrong location can be disastrous, especially if most of your guests decide not to show up.

So what do you look at while picking a venue? Here are three top factors:


Obviously, you have a budget for your entire event. You want to make sure that everything is catered for, including the cost of hiring a venue. Once you’ve set a figure, look for a venue that fits within your budget. That said, avoid the cheapest venues, as they may not have the amenities you’re looking for. Be willing to pay a little more to get the best for your guests.


Location is critical when it comes to picking a venue. Generally, you want it to be a place people can easily access, so ensure it’s near the homes or offices of the attendees. If you expect that most attendees will be from out of town, then you may want to choose a spot near hotels or the airport. Ensure that the venue is accessible to all people, especially those with disabilities.


A venue may look great, but don’t just stop at that. Ask what kind of services you can expect. If the venue meets most or all of your needs, then it’s perfect. Ask whether such services as catering are provided. Do they have a crew that helps set up or clean up the venue?

Your venue plays a critical role in determining whether your corporate or social event will succeed or not. By making the right decisions as you choose the venue, you can organize an event that blows away your guests.