Online Family Management AppTaking care of your family and managing everyone’s schedules can get a little hectic. First of all, you need to ensure that they are always safe and their basic needs are being met. However, there is also the task of maintaining healthy relationships and tackling chores.

All of this can be overwhelming and almost impossible to accomplish without a helping hand. Fortunately, there are handy family management apps that are available on both Android and iOS to stay in sync with your loved ones.


This is an all in one organizer that keeps track of the activities of each member of the family and allows them to complete tasks remotely. Bievo has a shared grocery list, chore list, and calendar for your whole family and even co-parents and caregivers to fill and sync appointments. The app also features selective permissions so you can only share what you need while keeping other personal information protected.


Sometimes having a simple to-do list isn’t enough to keep your family motivated and working on the tasks when they should be. This is where OurHome comes in handy because it comes with a reward-based system to encourage children to complete their chores.

The points earned for each specific task can then be exchanged for a reward. You can set anything that interests your family, whether it’s money or a trip to their favorite ice cream shop.


You can’t be with your kids 24/7 especially if they have already started school. If you are concerned about their safety, Life360 deserves a space in your phone. It’s a tracking and communication app that allows your family to check up on everyone’s location and contact them.

Being head of the family is not easy, but these apps help take some of the load off your back. Connecting, organizing your schedules and becoming more productive is now just a few clicks away.