View of an empty stadium in the morningEver watched a sports event or a live musical? Then you already know that your seat can make a huge difference. It’s not only where you’re seated, but where you’re sitting on.

Looking at the uniformity in stadium seating chairs in most arenas and auditoriums, you will be wrong to assume that there’s not much that goes into planning for that near-perfect arrangement. You know that having the right choice of seating for an auditorium can reinforce its purpose in making your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. But, as is with any other construction project, installing the right stadium seating takes intense planning, especially in the following key areas:

Covering Material

Velvet coverings will help you create a luxurious look in your choice of seating. These function like clothes and are way easier to clean and maintain. It’s better to clean a fabric than the actual chair, right? You can also use plastic coverings if your long-term concern is more on durability.


A critical factor to consider when determining the size of individual seats to use is how big or small and how old is your audience. If the auditorium will be hosting children most of the time, you can use smaller seats than if it were to host adults.

Installation Method

Here, you will need to consider if you’re going to join the seats, have them installed as individual pieces, or if you want to install them permanently.


A major concern when using stadium seating in auditoriums is their level of comfort. Therefore, pay attention to ergonomic factors in seats, such as the pitch, shape, height, breadth and padding support for the seats.

Always go for quality than quantity when planning for the seating of your venue. Having a clear idea of the color, size, covering material, installation method, and general ergonomics of the seating before contacting your supplier will help determine the kind of seating that will best meet your needs.