Couple having conversation about funeral planNo one wants to think about their own death, but ignoring the need for a prearranged funeral plan can leave surviving family members with high charges and the headache of organising an overseas funeral. That said, expats living in Spain should get a funeral plan.

Spain is the most popular country for Britons to move to, with around 310,000 pure Brits living there. The beautiful surroundings, the beaches and a warmer climate make it an attractive place to retire. Along with medical insurance and other things necessary for the move, expat retirees should put a funeral plan at the top of their to-do list.

Prepaid Funeral Plans Save Money

The average cost of a funeral in the UK is now more than £4,000, but when someone dies abroad, the final bill can be more than double that figure. Cremation in Spain, for example, can cost €4000, whilst in England, it is available for less than £2000.

If the deceased wanted to be buried or cremated back in the UK, the repatriation charges increase the bill by several thousand pounds more. Prepaid funeral plans for expats in Spain will mean the costs are covered, so those left behind do not need to worry about dealing with debts.

Funeral Plans Have a Fixed Price

Funeral costs continue to rise, but with a funeral plan, the options included are set at the cost outlined in the document. That means the services will be provided even if costs have increased.

Funeral Plans Make Things Easier

Planning a funeral when next of kin do not live in the country or speak the local language can be challenging. If the deceased had a funeral plan, international funeral directors will make all the important phone calls and arrangements on behalf of the expat’s family members.

Funeral Plans Include Repatriation

Expat funeral plans include repatriation services. This means the deceased will be embalmed in Spain and their remains will be transported in a sealed coffin, compliant with international transportation laws. Alternatively, they can be cremated and their ashes can be brought back home.

Dying abroad can be costly, but paying for the funeral arrangements in advance takes the financial burden away from grieving family members. This gives them peace of mind and allows them to focus on remembering the life of their loved one.