a kid holding hands with his momOther than your every trusty baby bag that packs everything you need when you go out and about with your tot, here are three things that can make traveling with your little ones much easier.

Do Bring

Traveling on the road? Bring snacks, juices, and water to keep the kids from feeling hungry and keep them hydrated. It would also be helpful to bring things that would keep them busy like games, books, and some videos to watch. It’s also a good time to have them watch educational shows or solve puzzles on their gadgets. Keeping them busy and feeling full is key in happy traveling toddlers.

Do Use

If you’ll be doing a lot of walking and transportation hopping with a baby in tow, and you feel that a stroller will take a lot of effort to pack and unpack, you can use a sling. There are also hip seat carriers for bigger babies, which makes carrying them much easier as it helps distribute baby’s weight, so it’s not on one part of your back or your hips. The good thing about using these things is you have your baby close to you at all times, and you can even go hands-free which is very convenient.

Do Borrow

Staying over at your vacation home but haven’t furnished the kids’ room with bigger beds? Rent out a double rollaway bed from Baby Borrow Rental. It’s also more convenient to just rent out as you don’t have to worry about cleaning it before leaving. It’s also a good way to encourage bonding while on vacation, as they normally spend bedtime in separate rooms back home. This gives them the opportunity to bond with their siblings throughout the holiday.

Traveling with kids is a lot of work and requires a lot of patience. But with a little help from this list, you can tick off some of the what-to-bring and how-tos on your list so you can focus on planning a happy and fun vacation time with the rest of your family.