Workers smilingIt’s a fact that most people spend more time at the office than their own homes. Employees can start as early as seven in the morning and get off at nine in the evening. And the more people work, the greater the output, which usually translates to business success.

One factor, however, can affect this and it’s not the number of overtime hours rendered; it’s the working environment. To set up one that encourages hard work and positivity leading to business success, remember this:

Design Matters

Any employee would agree that a dirty, drab and cluttered office environment is a big turn off. Not only will it affect productivity but it can also discourage possible applicants to consider a job opening.

Remember, how an office looks plays a big role in the employee’s well-being, so it’s just right to make it comfortable. Consider bright colors, thermal comfort, access to natural light, noise control and unique office furniture from a place like Urban95 to make the office space more trendy and vibrant. Also, don’t forget the importance of indoor air quality for a healthy workforce.

Engagement is Key

Proper engagement in the office is encouraged because it leads to better output and stronger camaraderie. For instance, your office should be designed in a way that enables employees to connect vis-a-vis and not just through their mobile phones. It’s also important to have a space where employees can engage in discussions without distractions.

Recognize Hard Work

Finally, don’t forget to show appreciation to your employees. Don’t allow your office to turn into an environment run by a slavedriver; encourage hard work and discipline, but always recognize or reward outstanding work and achievements.

Remember, your employees are your most valuable assets; make sure they’re working in a proper environment so they can be at their best and lead your company to success.