A Courier Delivering A PackageWhen choosing a courier service provider, it’s important to consider the size, shape, and weight of the parcel you want to deliver. You should settle for a reputable company that will guarantee safe and timely delivery of your package. It helps to know exactly how much the service will cost. Some companies have an online quote system that allows you to know the price before committing.

Courier companies now offer various services to meet the consistent demand for versatility.

Pallet Shipping Services

For pallet courier services, the goods you are sending are placed on pallets. The company and sender agree upon definite pickup and drop-off times. Express Lane Couriers agrees that this service offers an affordable shipping method for businesses worldwide.

Standard Courier Service

Standard courier service is the most commonly used and the least costly. Note that the size and weight of your parcel will affect the final shipping charge. If your package exceeds the limit, which is usually 50kg, it could be more expensive than other options.

International Courier Services

With the increased popularity of E-commerce, this type of courier service helps vendors send items to buyers who are living abroad. It is a convenient way to send gifts to your loved ones at home. Prices will vary depending on the route, the method of transport used, and the destination. It is important to check a country’s legislation to ensure the item you ship does not break any of the local laws.

For urgent deliveries, it is convenient to use same day or overnight courier services. Some courier companies also offer warehousing services, where clients pay based on the number of days or months of storage. Other companies partner with insurance firms to provide you with extra assurance when shipping fragile goods.