Woman with Thick, Long HairIn the past, big hair was the cat’s meow. But just like some of the other fashion trends in the past, big hair is making a comeback. It may not be the 80s kind of big hair, but luscious locks always look good for any special occasion.

If you do not have naturally thick hair, here are some ways on how to fake it and add volume to your hair.

Use extensions hair clip in

If you do not want to spend hours adding volume to your hair using a roller brush, a hair dryer, and some volumizing hair products, you can go for the shortcut: use clip in human extensions. It is easy to use, and you can re-use them repeatedly, as long as you clean and take care of them properly.

You might need to style your hair a bit once they are on, but it will not take you that long.

Use volumizing hair products

If you do not want to deal with hair extensions and want to go au naturel, you have to put in some effort. There are hair products today designed to give your locks that much-needed volume. This could be in the form of a mousse, sprays, and even leave-in conditioners.

Choose the right product, one that doubles as a hair conditioner or even a hair perfume, so you hit two to three birds with one stroke.

Go for the blowout look

If you have the time and the patience, consider going for the blowout look. It is an old-fashioned way to add volume to your hair using heat. Just get yourself a hair dryer, a wide roller brush, and a mix tape you can listen to while you are doing your hair.

This trick takes longer, but if you want the all-natural look, this is your best bet. If you have more time, you can even tease some parts of your hair to add more volume.

If you do not have naturally thick locks, these tips can help you fake that volume and get the hair you have always wanted. Remember, it is all about your own preferences.