House being constructedAustralia is one of the more eco-friendly countries in the world. With policies involving a tax on carbon and most homes featuring government-issued recycling bins, the country is doing its part to reducing its impact on the environment. And using Western red cedar as cladding is one other way people can contribute to eco-friendly efforts.

An Elegant, Versatile Material

Western red cedar cladding offers an ideal solution if you’re looking to create a balance between form and function. Its fine texture and straight grain with distinct growth rings create an attractive surface while its colours (the central core varies from pale brown to dark brown with a yellowish white outer core) lend elegance and warmth to any property.

Moreover, the sustainable material has environmental credentials and is durable enough to withstand most conditions. Whether your projects involve remodelling a commercial space or constructing a new home, red cedar offers the perfect cladding solution.

Low Carbon Footprint

Red cedar does not consume as much energy as other construction materials when it comes to production. A study from Forintek, a forest products research organization, found that red cedar also outperforms other materials, like brick and fibre cement, on impact criteria, which includes global warming potential.

Manufacturers that improve end-of-life disposal practices further turn cedar cladding into a net carbon sink, which means that the material absorbs more than it releases carbon dioxide.

Excellent Sound and Thermal Insulation Properties

Cladding not only strengthens and improves the curb appeal of homes and buildings. The exterior feature also offers protection against changing weather patterns, enhancing indoor comfort. In addition, red cedar has acoustic properties that make it an ideal cladding material for homes or buildings that require noise control.

Eco-friendly. Elegant. Functional. The western red cedar offers multiple benefits no matter what project you’re doing. As a cladding solution, it can ensure the durability, beauty and sustainability of any property.