Digital security personnel on his stationWhen your company’s computer systems are hacked or crash, do you have the right people or the expertise to fix it? Most companies prefer to call an IT cybersecurity service provider who could help businesses deal with disaster recovery and protect their IT infrastructure.

Businesses should consult IT service providers in states like Texas that can give you everything you need such as disaster recovery services, data backup, desk support, and even software. But if you need to do something to save your data immediately, here are some of the things you can do when your IT security has been compromised.

Find Out What Was Stolen

When you experience a security breach, you should immediately find out which data was stolen. The least sensitive information are addresses and names. Most of these can be found in street directories and a simple search on the Internet.

More sensitive information such as email addresses, birth dates, and account numbers are data that could result in fraudulent credit card charges, stolen identification and even phishing scams.

The most sensitive information includes social security numbers, email passwords, bank account numbers, and card security codes. Any of these could result in a serious security breach.

Change Passwords

It’s best to change all passwords when hackers have compromised your company’s IT system.  If you contact an IT service provider, ask if they offer two-factor authentication. This feature requires a numeric code sent to a mobile phone after a user logs in an account using the right password.

It’s best not to reuse the passwords any other account. Make sure to mix letters, numbers and symbols for any of your passwords.

Find the Right Service Providers

If your business experiences a security breach, you should contact the financial institutions and the right service provider who could help protect your company’s digital information.