A Hostel RoomStudents are now looking all over the world for quality education. Many even study overseas, making it a necessity for them to find accommodation. Finding a suitable accommodation near a school or educational institute is paramount.  You will not only get to live comfortably, but you will also get to concentrate on your studies. Here are some of the qualities of a cheap accommodation for students in London.

Great Location and Connectivity

The accommodation that you opt for should be not only close to the school but also close to groceries, convenience stores, libraries and even affordable cafes and restaurants. There should also be easy access to public transportation. The place should also provide Internet access and areas for study.


You need to find cheap accommodations in London that would provide a secure and clean area for students and residents.  Some may offer cheap accommodation but would not provide basic amenities. Look for a place that gives you safety, security, and great sanitation in their amenities and facilities.

Quality Fixtures and Furnishings

While most accommodations see to it that they provide basic amenities such as water and electricity, it would be wise of you to go for the ones that go an extra mile to provide ‘extras’. Choose a place that has communal study areas, private safes, bicycle stands, parking lots, elevators, and even a communal kitchen and dining room.

If you intend to study in London, you’re not the only one who’s looking for such a place. Many other students from all over the world are doing the same thing as you, so it’s best to look as early as possible to find the best and most affordable student accommodation in London.