senior couple jogging in the parkPeople who have worked hard all their lives give serious thought about retirement. They plan years ahead about what to do and where to go after the kids have left the nest, and they’ve left the corporate or business world. According to US News, Sarasota, FL is #1 in the best places to retire among 125 US metro cities they surveyed. The survey was based on the value of living as well as people’s desire to live there.

In Sarasota, Shayla Twit notes that people who wish to sell property have it listed at real estate listings where it can be seen by the most number of possible retirees. Interestingly, the area is also a favorite among young couples who are just planning to start their families.  The city has retained its character and is also an affordable city to live in compared to others in Florida. This makes it ideal for young professionals who are concerned about raising children in a not-so commercialized environment.

Sarasota also has plenty of good schools, parks, hospitals, as well as local attractions for parents and children to enjoy during the weekends.

Settling Down in Sarasota

It is pretty evident that there’s a “Silver Boom” in Sarasota given the percentage of residents who are above 65 years old. This sector of the population is expected to increase since the area takes care of its older residents very well. They offer activities like golf and other outdoor events especially from October to April when the weather becomes more temperate.

What the area doesn’t have a lot of are bars and clubs; those are best found in Miami and other hotspots. Sarasota has restaurants, craft breweries, and more casual type bars which also offer good food and entertainment during game season.

When it comes to attractions in Sarasota, there are nature and family parks as well as zoos and Botanical Gardens. For people who like good music, there’s the Sarasota Opera House at Pineapple Avenue. You can also head out to Lido Beach at Lido Bay for a refreshing swim or to watch breathtaking sunsets.

All these and more make Sarasota, FL a great place to spend your golden years.