couple moving to new homeYou’re starting a family of your own and marrying someone you truly trust. Everything is set except you cannot decide on where you want to live. If money is a constraint, it makes sense to stay close to home, perhaps in a detached dwelling in your parents’ backyard.

For those who want privacy, however, moving away is the way to go. Here are some reasons this makes sense:

You Want Neutral Ground

When it comes to raising children, you would not want one family to dictate how to do it. It will get even worse when the other set of grandparents feels that you’re only following your parents’ advice. You will want to raise children in your own way, which makes home and land packages in Geelong, or anywhere a good distance from both sets of parents, a wise move. They can always visit, but they will not dominate the child-rearing process.

Marriage Stays Between Two People

Yes, the union joins two families together, but you are only married to one person. Your spouse’s parents should not have the final say in matters relating to the household. You would not like it if your spouse always turned to their parents, who live nearby, at the littlest sign of trouble. You and your spouse should resolve matters as a couple without your parents intervening and making matters worse.

You Learn from Your Mistakes

There will be a lot to learn, especially if it is your first marriage. But that is the beauty of your union–you are a team, and so you should learn together. You grow as a person and as a partner to your beloved. This helps you be in tune with each other, which helps in raising children with the same values. An independent couple can work through obstacles and learn to compromise to keep each other happy.

It’s tough starting a family of your own without your parents there to help you. In the long run, however, you’ll learn that this independence is a valuable lesson.