InsuranceDid you know how insurance field marketing organizations (IFMOs) came into existence? Originally, insurance agents were responsible for selling life insurance policies to customers. However, the insurance carriers did away with the sales force in selling insurance, which created a gap. As a result, sales went down and insurance carriers needed a way out. That’s how IFMOs were born.

Apart from the obvious reasons for filling in the gap, you may be wondering why it would be essential for your business to work with them. Here are a few reasons to convince you:

Access to Marketing Materials

When working with a reliable insurance field marketing organization (IFMO), you can access hundreds of marketing materials, which could help you boost your marketing game. Not only will you get marketing materials, they will be customized ones at no extra cost.

Quote Engines

Field marketing organizations offer great tools such as quote engines. These allow you to compare the prices among multiple carriers in your area. You can now quote Medicare supplements and the overall expense among different service providers.

Your Personal Assistant

Offering clients the wrong carriers and products could land you in trouble, but that will not be the case when you work with an FMO. The organization screens the different carriers in the market and only prescribes the ones they have verified as legitimate.


FMOs will only make profits if you, as the insurance agent, is in business. Therefore, these organizations offer training opportunities to insurance agents to increase their business’ value and profits.

As an insurance carrier or insurance agent, you can improve your business operations and get more clients when you work with an insurance field marketing organization. You get to make more money while enjoying more benefits after bringing an organization on board to work with and for you.