London SkylineLondon isn’t only a great spot for tourists; it has likewise become the No. 1 destination for numerous international students. In fact, it is estimated that about 100,000 students from 200 countries around the world come to London each year.

Why is the City this popular, you ask? Here are five things that convince students to study in the UK capital.

The city offers a lot of perks for students.

If you are a student, you get several advantages such as student discounts in bars, events, goods, services, and many others. In fact, many attractions in the City (such as the British Museum and the Tate) are free for students. Moreover, finding student accommodation in London is never difficult.

You have more than 45 universities to choose.

London has 45 universities for students to choose. Students have a lot of courses and campuses that open their doors to them, depending on what suits their preferences, career goals, and budget.

They can visit the British Library.

Considered by many as one of the largest education and learning hubs in the globe, the British Library is the ultimate resource for students. You’ll probably find any information you need from this library without having to shell out on costly books. Besides, the Library has a massive collection of over 150 million books – and about 3 million more are being added every year!

The city is culturally perse.

Although London has its treasured cultural traditions, one thing you will realise once you are there is that how it embraces everyone, regardless of their race or colour. The City celebrates persity, and you won’t have a hard time finding a group that welcomes you.

You’ll have a lot of job offers.

Seeking employment will never be a problem if you’ve graduated with a degree from a London University. You’ll easily find great opportunities that offer the best opportunities for your career.