SEO ConceptIt seems like people start asking whether SEO is still relevant or not anymore every year. Someone also pronounces SEO dead each year, as if they could make that claim over again if it indeed died a natural death the years prior.

If you are still wondering, the answer is yes. SEO is alive and yes, you still need it. Ignoring search engine optimization altogether as a vital part of your digital marketing efforts is a bad idea. Here are several reasons why:

SEO can only die if search died

Not only is search not dead, but it gets bigger and better every year. The reason for this is the growing number of people who are learning the value of using search engines to find whatever they need. Your Denver SEO company knows this, so they are constantly upgrading their knowledge of search algorithms. They find the right balance that can help you get found more easily and more often by more people.

It is inexpensive

When you calculate the cost of paying for SEO, you’ll see that it is actually one of the most cost-effective ways to market your brand. It helps get you in front of more people than, let’s say a TV ad that costs a much more considerable sum.

You can lose to your competitors

Without SEO, say goodbye to beating your competition. You might not even get to play on the same field. That’s because your competitors are using SEO as a huge part of their digital marketing, while you are trying to beat them by uploading average-quality blog posts that may or may not be found by anyone.

SEO is about credibility

You can and should include other techniques in your digital marketing campaign, such as pay-per-click (PPC). PPC or paid search is an effective means of driving traffic to your website. But SEO is organic, so it helps build your credibility over time. Its effects can be longer-lasting when compared to other efforts like PPC advertising.

Search engine optimization is here to stay. For as long as there is search, you’ll always need to refine your SEO to suit it and drive more revenues over time.