Business men and women meeting for a marketing plan

Perhaps we’ve all received a pen that has a company’s name on it as part of a marketing campaign. It worked well in the past, but that’s just about as useful as it can get. These days, marketing can be a fierce competition for people’s attention and the more your corporate giveaways demand attention, the better the results will be. Here are a few ideas that can give your marketing strategies that much-needed boost:


They say you can buy all the material things in the world, but you can’t buy good memories. So what’s better than holding an event that solely focuses on promoting your product? If you can make an annual event celebrating your company’s premier services, then you can show more people the type of culture that you foster within your ranks.

Organizing a festival, for example, can be a little tough to manage especially on top of all your other responsibilities, but you can always hire event managers to save time and effort. Keep in mind that the main goal is to give customers good memories about your brand, so don’t forget to distribute promotional products during or after the event.

Smart Gadgets

Unique giveaways can also turn the tides for your company. Gifts that people don’t usually receive but need badly are the perfect corporate giveaways. Think of mobile accessories, such a wrist-sized lanyard for securing your phone or even a store-it-all wallet that can hold a phone and a bunch of other important ID’s and cards.

If you’re feeling a little more tech-savvy, why not distribute magnetic cable mounts that can help keep chargers tangle-free and neat. You can buy wholesale magnets and stickers, and use them to create attractive and useful magnetic mounts.

Old School

If modern gadgets don’t really fit your vintage style, then try it the old school way. This is not to say you should go for the tired old cliché items most companies give away, but rather re-inventing them to give them a fresh new purpose with all the nostalgia of the good old times.

Thinking about giving away mugs? Why not buy and personalize glow-in-the-dark self-stirring mugs; your customers will thank you for that. A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to corporate giveaways.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s unique and useful, and your customers will remember you whenever they use your gifts. They’ll also appreciate the simple gesture and smile at the memory you’ve given them.