Top shot of an event planner working on schedulesChoosing an event planner is always a huge challenge. This is because you have to trust an outsider to make your very important day a success.

Therefore, finding a reputable event organization and catering agent will give you peace of mind since you will be content that someone responsible is working hard to make the day a success.

Getting someone who will take care of everything, from the clear-span tent rental to the decor, the food, and the seats is easier than hiring different people to handle different tasks independently.

1. Go for an agency with a good portfolio.

Every event planner worth his or her salt will have a couple of successful events to their name. If you want your event preparation and actual catering to run like clockwork, you will be better off throwing a lot with experienced organizers.

Even though upcoming organizers might offer you cheaper deals, they might be not worth the risk especially if you are not there to monitor how they are organizing your event.

2. Get transparent pricing and policies.

Knowing how much you will pay for specific services before signing a contract is always eye-opening. A detailed event planner that has a pricing outline is better than someone who just pulls a figure out of thin air. Go for someone with pricing plans that use detailed approaches, including:

  • “One chair of this type will cost you this amount of money.”
  • “Tents cost this amount per square foot.”
  • “We have these décor packages, and each package costs this much.”

Striking a balance between budget and quality of service is mandatory. Finding a reputable agency with a good track record is the first step. Realizing that they have a scalable pricing plan that can give you almost instant estimates of how much you should pay is the second important consideration before hiring.