woman holding a roseSince most people treat it as a taboo subject, they fail to plan for their funerals, at least financially. Recent reports indicate that an average funeral can cost as much as £5,000, making dying quite an expensive affair.

Instead of piling additional financial strain on your grieving family, you can ride the growing popularity of pre-paid funerals in the UK. Under these plans, you not only get to the offset the bill long before your demise but also get your dream funeral.

Leave on your own terms

While you might not have control over when or how your earthly existence comes to a grinding halt, you can have total control over the interment process. If you are environmentally conscious, you could specify a befitting funeral that is reflective of the kind of life you’ve lived.

From picking an eco-friendly casket to the choice of the burial site and how to get there, you have the final say. Your funeral plan will detail out your every wish, and when you pass away, the service provider will pass on the request to a funeral director.

In addition to sparing them family the financial burden, it also saves them the hassle of planning a funeral.

Overcome any opposition

If your family falls on the conservative end of the scale, they might have a different approach to funerals than you do. Signing up for such a plan charts the way forward and avoids friction among family members. The last thing you wish is to leave your dear ones embroiled in a legal battle over your burial.

If your wishes are explicit enough, they will trounce over any reservations that anyone might have and are even admissible in a court of law. It also lets you have a funeral that resonates with the kind of life you’ve led.

Burying a loved one can be a soul-crushing blow on the bereaved family. Signing up for a prepaid funeral plan eases some of this agony while getting you the funeral you deserve.