In nurturing a startup business, marketing is essential in earning and retaining costumer trust. Traditional marketing techniques would require companies to spend millions on print advertising, press releases, or radio promotions.

These days, believe it or not, advertising can cost you close to nothing — only a little typing and a few clicks. Social media has made life easier for businesses, and it’s about time startup enterprises have taken advantage of it.

Utilizing the World Wide Web

Alexandra Reid, a representative of Francis Moran & Associates, interviewed entrepreneurship champion Bryan J. Watson about the effect of social media on potential investors. According to Watson, the four most preferred business marketing websites — Twitter, LinkedIn, AngelList, Facebook — are enough to push your startup’s reach to a wider community. Business owners can use social media platforms to “share information about their ventures and to generate buzz.” The more visible a business is online, the more it is likely to garner customers.

When asked about what kind of social media content grabs his attention, he said that post relevance and community engagement are what drives more consumers to businesses.

“If an online company isn’t using these tools effectively,” said Watson, “it is a red flag for me that the business will not survive if they have a community-dependent business model.”

Maintaining Relationships through Social Media

The more investors you earn, the more people will see that your startup business is worth their money. As much as you would jump for joy at convincing entrepreneurs to invest, you shouldn’t forget that keeping them can also be very difficult.

AngelList, a website dedicated to promoting and helping startup businesses, should be a part of your daily social media routine. Care for your AngelList account — a lot of investors are watching you from there. Business profiles on AngelList are effective in garnering resources because of the application’s accessibility and its focus on startup growth.

Watson remarks that grammar and spelling in AngelList are minute details but are just as important as your products. Make sure your interactions on AngelList are concise, formal, and informative. “Reflecting yourself and your company honestly and accurately” is sure to land you an investor who will entrust their money to you.

Social media is a great avenue for you to make your business shine and to get to know those who are investing in everything you’ve worked hard for. As long as you use social media platforms appropriately and safely, you will gain traffic from the people you want to reach.